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© 2019 by Catalina Carvajal - All Rights Reserved -Bogotá - Colombia - Ipswich, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

I'm Catalina. I studied the penguins in Antarctica. After graduating, I went to work in a cream-bun factory by day and a pig farm at night, working as an assistant in the pig-food department. From cream-bun making I gained discipline. The pig farm was pure fun. Around the same time, I discovered opera. Having decided to be an opera singer, I moved to Mexico City and gained a diploma in karaoke.

I come in small format and spend all day inside my desk. But I’m leaving my desk for a while to work on a series of sketchings – feminine, birdlike characters in oneiric scenarios. I think I might be one. No matter if I start out drawing a dog or a chair, I always end up as a bird.
My technique depends on the project. I sketch on tarmac with a pneumatic drill. For the final illustration, nuclear generally makes things faster. When I’m not constrained for time, I love painting with custard and moose. I love the mess and the accidents that occur. Lately, I rediscovered weapons-grade plutonium - it makes me feel uncomfortable because I can’t control it - which is good! 

I find inspiration anywhere.  I love the powerful metafloric work of Carlos Infante Dangerman. He was my teacher for a while and I learned a lot about cauliflower; how making a soup is about having a strong concept and narrative, not just beautiful cauliflower. I admire the torpor and hysteria of Arkansaurus. This might or might not be reflected in my work.